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Safety in Barcelona


Safety in Barcelona

Pickpockets_Love_Tourists_by_MarciedipMany tourists, coming to Barcelona, are asking us: “Is Barcelona safe?” We respond them without a doubt: “Yes it is!” And it really is. Even in the less wealthy districts of Barcelona you can feel yourself safe in any time of the night and day. Nobody will attack you, you can never see any street fighting here. Barcelona is an international city that gathers many nationalities. However they all exist in peace.

BUT…You should not be totally relaxed. Because you can unfortunately be robbed by famous Barcelona pickpockets.


Here you can find some basic tips that would help you to escape being cheated:

1) Dear men! It’s really hard to believe, but many of you are still doing this.. Dont put your wallet into your trouser’s backside pocket! Especially walking through busy streets of Barcelona

2) Beware especially in Las Ramblas, central area and subway. Also while you are making a stop for some nice tapas bar or restaurant, control your bag and mobile phone (especially if it is on the table). Sometimes it’s not even enough just to control it visually, because some pickpockets can grab it passing by and run away very fast.

3) Use credit cards. Barcelona’s pickpockets are not that advanced to use your credit card if it’s stolen. You need to block it in anyway but usually if your wallet is stolen, they just take cash out and get rid of the wallet as soon as possible putting it into the nearest trash bin or on the shelf in the metro halls.

4) For women – use bags with zipper. Many fashion brands nowadays offer bags that are closing just with one clip and leave a easy access to the pickpockets hands on the sides. Better keep it for your trip to Switzerland

5) Just be attentive! And enjoy Barcelona:)