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Sant Jordi, Saint George’s day


Sant Jordi, Saint Georges day

The Saint George’s Day is celebrated in Catalonia and it is named as “El día de San Jordi”.

The legend is known as “Saint George and the dragon”. Once upon a time, in a city in Turkey there was a big pond where a dragon lived. The dragon terrified all the people it met. The citizens decided to sacrifice a sheep each day in order to calm the angry dragon down. When there were no sheep left, they had to start sacrificing humans.
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At one day, after the people were angry that never a royal family member was selected, the king’s daughter had be sacrificed. Saint George showed up and tried to stop this by hitting the dragon with its lance. One the dragon died a rose grew from the dragon’s blood. George gave the rose to the princess.

On 23rd of April in Catalonia men give a rose to women and women give a book to men. For this reasons this day it is also known as “El día del libro” (the day of the book) and “El día de la rosa” (the day of the rose). The rose tradition goes back to medieval times and the tradition of giving book dates back to 1923 when a bookseller started to commemorate Shakespeare and Cervantes, both died on 23rd of April.

Barcelona will celebrate this holiday and Las Ramblas and rambla catalunya will be plenty of roses. Book stores and cafes organize readings by authors and street performers and musicians will animate the streets of the city.

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