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Discover Barcelona on a bike


In Barcelona the best option to move it’s by metro or, for the more courageous people, by motorbike.


Motos per carril bus taxi a Gran Via, motocicletes DIARI ARA / BARCELONA / MARC ROVIRA

It’s an experience! Even if you are used to drive, do it here is different: it’s just the essence of this crazy but lovely place.


Barcelona is the city with a largest fleet of motorcycles in Europe, everywhere you look there are hundreds and hundreds, parked everywhere, circulating as swarms of the bees between cars.

If you think you are ready – it’s the best option to see and feel the city.



As well as, you can go to a very nice places like Montjuïc mountain or Tibidabo.







Also if the bimaxresdefaultke is more than 125cc you can get out of the city to see other nice places and beautiful beaches.

And most important thing: you will be free of any schedule. If you have a option of renting a motorbike, you will not regret it. You only need to be very careful.