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Passion for football in Barcelona




Football in Spain is one of the most important things. In Barcelona we have one of the best clubs in all the world -Barcelona Football Club.

The stadium Camp Nou is amazing becasue is enormous and new, compared with others stadiums of the country.

Is not only used for football games as well for concerts.



GRA298. BARCELONA, 07/06/2015.-El jugador brasileño del FC Barcelona Neymar en el Camp Nou donde esta noche culminaron las celebraciones del club blaugrana para compartir con la afición el título de Liga de Campeones logrado ayer tras vencer al Juventus de Turín en el estadio Olímpico de Berlín, la Liga y la Copa del Rey. EFE/Alejandro García ESPAÑA FÚTBOL LIGA CAMPEONES


This team just won the spanish league this week. The celebration was incredible.

Fans celebrated their team’s triumph all over the city and final celebration took place on Camp Nou there players showed the cup appreciating the support of their fans.





All of our apartments have very good transport connection with the stadium and there are matches almost every week.

Although there are no matches, the stadium is very nice to see because there is a museum about club’s history. 

Barcelona Football Club -”Barça” – is the emblem of the city.