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Bicycle option in Barcelona !

Young girl with a bicycle on the beach in Barcelona

It is the summer season in Barcelona !  It is sunny and the weather is perfect.

Why not visiting Barcelona by Bicycle ?!  You will be able to enjoy the sun by discovering the city.

If you never ride a bicyle in a big city before, do not worry. Riding a bicyle in Barcelona is pretty easy as there is special roads designed for it. If you follow them correctly you will be fine 😉 .  A way to know the exact bicycle road is by using google map. It will give you the accurate path for all your journeys.

How to rent a bicycle ?

  1. Bicing option : the first thing that you need to know is that unfortunately, you can not use the red bicycle called bicing  provided by the city as they are made for the local people ONLY. Sorry 🙁
  2. Rent to a supplier : Many companies propose you to rent a bicycle, daily, per hours or per week. The price can vary depending on the type of bicyle that you rent ( electric or normal).
  • Different locations are available next to our apartments :
  •   ➡ For barcelonafifteen and Nou Rampla apartments : the closest shop is: Rabbit bike, you can reach it by walking few minutes and the prices start from 6euros a day with the locker included. For the more courageous, they also rent scooters.
  •   ➡ Apartments located in carrer dels tallers : Riverabike will be close to you. The price starts from 8 euros for a full day ! They also have 2 locations available in the city.
  • Of course more location are available and you can still check it out on internet