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4 reasons to come to Barcelona for Christmas



  • Discover the catalan traditions.

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In Barcelona, they are always a lot of activities, mostly for Christmas! Here they is no Santa Claus but Magic Kings.

On the 5 th of January there is a parade of the Magic Kings or Melchior, Gaspard and Balthazar coming on their beautiful boats and giving some gifts and candies to the children in the city center.

The parade is spectacular and the children are very happy to see the kings!



  • Visit the biggest and traditional Christmas Market.

Christmas in Barcelona means Christmas markets! The town organizes a lot of Christmas Markets and they are very popular. The most important are the Sainta Lucia Market, the best Barcelona Christmas market, and the Sagrada Familia Christmas Market.

You can find a lot of stands with specialties from the region or just to enjoy the beautiful decors and lights!

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  • New Year’s Day.

Since December 2013 Barcelona celebrates the New Year’s Day! If you like to go out, the must-see event on the New Year´s Resultado de imagen de nouvel an a montjuïcDay is in the fountain of Montjuïc.

You can listen to the music and see the beautiful fireworks.

Don’t forget to bring the 12 grapes for celebrating the 12 bell strokes of midnight!




  • A beautiful city with ambiance and decors.

In the placa Catalunya for Christmas there is the biggest ice rink where you can spend good moments with your family or friends.

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