Sant Joan´s Celebration – Barcelona 23/06/17 – 24/06/17

sant joan

Every year, Barcelona celebrates the longest day of the year – the summer solstice.

Probably recognized as one of the noisiest, busiest and most popular fiestas of the Barcelona, Sant Joan´s celebration starts at dawn on the 23rd of June and ends late at night. On this day Catalunya lights up its sky and fills the streets with bomb crackers. You can´t avoid the enthusiastic and lively vibes coming from all streets of the city on this date. Everyone is out to enjoy the celebration.

sant joan 2

As the sun is a symbol of fertility and wealth, Catalans celebrate the sun´s longest journey of the year by feasting, dancing, singing and having fun during the entire day. It is a day to not only celebrate the official arrival of summer, but also to enjoy the company of your friends and family. For instance, locals who have a nice terrace with the best view of the city usually invite friends, family, and/or neighbors over to share a delicious dinner, and watch the stunning fireworks from all corners of Barcelona light up the city until nightfall.

Indeed known in Catalan as “the Nit del Foc” or Night of Fire – Barcelona goes to the extreme as the sun goes down – you´ll see people heading towards the beach with picnics and drinks to finish off this day beautifully by watching the grand finale on the beach. Others will set up at seaside restaurants (who set up extra chairs and tables for the occasion) to also enjoy their meal and the view of the beach.

sant joan 3

For sure it is not a night to rest, so you may as well descend to the streets and join the party and celebrate Catalunya´s second New Year´s Eve!

So come to Barcelona and enjoy this terrific summer celebration of Catalunya by booking an apartment here!