Festa Major de Gracia


This famous celebration in Barcelona takes places every summer. This year – starting on the 15th of august and lasts for about a week.

The town of Gràcia was a small and peasant town during the XIX century, it went through a great transformation and became a unique area of workers and small traders. With the rapid growth of Barcelona, the area was incorporated into the city. Nevertheless, it has never ceased to claim individual characteristics and uniqueness.

The Festival Major of Gràcia is considered as the expression of the strong identity of the neighborhood and is composed of a whole set of celebrations that combine citizen participation and shows of popular and traditional culture. The neighborhood’s associations (organized by zones) prepare a part of the party, each in its street or square, and the result is a week of activities in all corners of the village, which is possible thanks to the contribution of the citizens of Gràcia.

The Festa Major de Gràcia Foundation gathers the entities of the streets and squares which participates in the party organizing dances, concerts, workshops, popular foods, etc.



Although the motive of the Greater Festival of Gràcia is controversial – some attribute it to San Roque- others, to the Virgin of August. It is mostly considered to be the feast of the Assumption, because tradition says that the neighborhood is under the invocation of the Virgin. However, the day of San Roque is also celebrated: the neighbors pay tribute and the Castellers of the Villa de Gràcia dedicate offerings, with the presence of the popular festive imagery of Gràcia.


The origin of the party is almost parallel to the urbanization of the town. The first reference is documented in 1817, when a meeting was organized that was organized in Can Trilla in honor of the Virgin of August. The party was consolidated during the second decade of the nineteenth century and took a more civic than religious character, with many entities and associations that collaborated.

So don’t miss the strong cultural celebration of the Garcia quarter on the 15th of august. Join the week-long celebration with locals and feel a part of the Catalan culture during your stay in Barcelona. Don’t forget to book your apartment here on our website and to follow us on Facebook at:  and Twitter at: for more information and ideas of what to do throughout your stay.