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Rooftops Barcelona

Grand Hotel Barcelona

Barcelona is known to be one of the most popular European destination during summer time. It is on everyone’s wish list to go there in order to sun bathe and relax by the sea.
Of course Barcelona offers numerous activities for visitors looking for a short break from their work overload to finally be able to rest.

One of the most popular activity is to enjoy the city’s amazing rooftops. There, you can order a drink while looking over a magnificent and breathtaking view of the city, by night especially.
Not to mention that cocktails are specialties, here, and therefore are both affordable and delicious.

Therefore: a view, a drink in hand, and a comfy chair and you have the evening all planned out at one of Barcelona’s rooftops.

The most well-known one, is the rooftop located at the top of the W Hotel, this luxury hotel opens its roof to the public to have people join in the evening to have a drink by the pool with the amazing view over the Mediterranean Sea before their eyes.

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The Majestic Hotel also opens its doors to have people enjoy a relaxing drink at sunset. This one is more reserved to luxurious crowds and holds breathtaking views from the Sagrada Familia to the sea side of Barcelona.

One more address is the H10 Montcada. This rooftop is more accessible and offers a view to the older and more traditional buildings of the city, which can be as beautiful as the ones that have a view of the seaside.

Finally, Skybar Grand Hotel Central is known to be the “best” rooftop in Barcelona as it offers an infinity pool to its guests while keeping the prices relatively low in comparison to many other rooftops you may encounter in the city.

Rooftops in the capital of Catalunya are a “must do” when visiting the city.

As only a few of so many rooftops are mentioned in this article, the best way to discover them all is always to go. See it for yourself!

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